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X-factor alum Lucy Spraggan his colleague James Arthur describes to compete like a TW * t the famous couple after the show, fell if Spraggan an Arthur on his homophobic lyrics and now shown that he apologized to never - to claim that their joint PR Agency is a on their Facebook page declaration, which seeks to end the row. In fact, it was massively worse, he calls me all kinds of names, Spraggan told the Birmingham mail. I'm to the point where he would be, there is little that I can say for me, to change. Yes, I'm an activist for gay rights and someone should be shot down the x factor lucy spraggan with a plug, if you speak to people in this way. Spraggan said: there is so much to hide damage. I'm going to defend that wrong, he said what was. It was a TW * t, it was terrible for me, and he has never apologized. Spraggan, who is currently working on his new album and Birmingham leads the young voices in the charity concert in January, has admitted that he has feelings about his time in the X factor. This is sometimes totally mental and I think that it was as if it had been the X-factor, he said. But then Yes, I have an album, I have a lot of fun, and it's my career. Once you are the show, covered and for me, I was very happy with this. I exploded and treated in Asia and the United States for three months and people have been asking where I was and I told him that had I spent my money, what they done. Spraggan said: you find no piece of video of me saying I want to win X factor. A great blessing is harmful, as it has been. I am able to be, I am happy now. I recognize myself always several times a day, but it is not only the extreme pressure. I never really solid fan, but I really have the experience and benefit from always enjoyed to work and not with me anything on a plate. Spraggan describes the show as a chance and the greatest lesson of social consciousness and how we perceive things, how media work and learn about themselves. You will see others tilt and people lose their connection to the Earth, he said. It was important to show that no matter how my career now I will be always aware. I've seen how Spotlight can break people. The video of tea Lucy Spraggan & Brindisi below, etc,.