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The Ex Factor

Unlike Idol, where each judge for the finalists to an individual shows critical student factor judge X mentors, selection of songs and style, while other categories also as well as your opinion on the candidates to be. New map of fate and the idol, a rival show factor x ^ even auditions in Dublin, Ireland and in series 3, 4 and 7, instead, showed and were allowed to choose the public in Ireland. Since he was exposed for the first time in 2004, the X-factor aired when considered too much controversy and criticism in the United Kingdom and many other countries. The Danish version was Danish music contract expert and consultant (Dansk artist Forbund) Mikael Hojris Danish musicians' Association criticized. Hojris, contracts for participating in the show are unfair for participants and almost equal to serfdom, DR1 (the channel that broadcast), indicating this as clauses in contracts to prohibit the participants-if they in the first round or non-existent-non-execution or participate in any other music event for three months. He also criticized the fact that the participants are obliged to move at their own expense. OutburstOn Natalia kills, the second season of X factor, New Zealand, during the filming of judges public session in December 2014, with the idea of giving answers to the Busker Sally Faherty, sang by Frank Ocean. Fantozzi ire began Natalia kills/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge charged with the language of the body. Mata said the road often at the end are more uniform than the people around them because they are appreciated as long as if the people around them feel invisible. You body the ex factor mp3 language that you are trying to integrate the background behind you. The public had said and started to roar kills. Mata said Fantozzi ire/no invisible on stage and it was time to change that. Judge Melanie Blatt and Stan Walker gave ire ire of Falconer Falconer/a Yes, while Willy Moon (husband of Natalia kills) / do not have. The pressure was that Natalia (wife of Willy Monde) tue, to make the final decision. Fantozzi IRE tried as a cable coaxial/kills viewers. Mata, then beat the public says enough, enough now for this for them. Despite his comments tue, ire Fantozzi decided / via boot camp make a Yes. Some members of the public (including children), they were impressed by the outbreak and came out. A spokesman for TV3 said the network and the Mata for the incident, apologized. The incident occurred in the final episode of the hearing with words followed by profanity. Fantozzi IRE / it is also with the F word backstage that disconnects and then listen. Shae BriderOn convicted of the second season of X factor in sixth consultation with New Zealand, which aired February 24, 2015 transmission, ex-POW hearing Shae Brider and was round via boot camp. Therefore, curb has revealed that she is involved in a murder in Wanganui in 2004 were and served six years in prison for manslaughter. Responding to the criticism from fans and the media said Mediaworks issued a statement, saying: he has a history of clamp completely when he joined X factor and the second company of New Zealand Brider Justice has paid his debt. MediaWorks present his apologies for the difficulties which have cause viewers for the episode. Rein said later, the media, who repents, appear in the series and had not thought about the effects of its appearance. International X factor entertainment producers FremantleMedia Australia SYCO and discussed the situation with the producers describing the show, with a spokesman for FreemantleMedia, inclusion of reining show was a bad editorial decision and ensure a more rigid approval process which would be a similar situation in the future. Their apparent copy of Mata Mata contested Irvine, called man, style dress Willy Moon and hairstyle. Mata considered that Irvine has a burst of laughter, obviously and ugly cheese. Luna continued the attack Irvine declare using the mother of her clothes were worn by Norman Bates, is just a little scary. Reader comments response was mostly negative, with a few calls of Mata and the Moon, the media show series and other shows only the comments, so that they themselves be dismissed unpleasant. A Facebook page, the demanding be dismissed, which premiered March 15, 2015, and within 12 hours, he had accumulated more than 50. 000 as. .